Tyran Receives Fire Fighter Union and Labour Council Endorsements

I am pleased to announce that I have two great endorsements for this 2013 Council election.

First, I received a great phone call from the IAFF Fire Fighters Union saying that I have received their endorsement for a Council seat. This is truly a humbling honour, as these are men and women I have the utmost respect for.

I was lucky enough to receive their endorsement in last year’s by-election too, and look forward to being an effective voice for them if elected on Monday. There are some serious issues on the horizon with Alberta Health Services (AHS) in regards to ambulatory care and dispatch, and I want to ensure those services stay right where they are here at home.

I have also received an endorsement from the Wood Buffalo & District Labour Council. This group represents thousands of employees in a variety of sectors, including the Municipality, industry and the commercial sector. These are the working families who keep Fort McMurray running day and night, and I am privileged to have their support.

Thanks to both organizations for their support. I look forward to working with all more closely in the near future!

Letter to the editor: Thanks from a council candidate

Letter to the Editor Fort McMurray Today

By Tyran Ault, as printed in the Fort McMurray Today

As the first candidate who announced their candidacy for the Council race all the way back in May, I just want to say thank you to all the people I have met, spoken to and engaged over the last five months (or will meet this upcoming meeting). It has been a true pleasure hearing what you love about our community, and also hearing about what frustrates you and needs improvement.

In late spring, I launched my Citizen Survey so I could listen to you. From there, it was the public who shaped and molded my platform and the eventual creation of “the new three R’s” – better roads, retail and recreation.

We simply need to do better with our roads. People in this community deserve to have their streets snowplowed more often and they deserve to not be tied up in traffic due to poor construction planning. We need alternate routes and more options to get from point A to B.

Residents here also deserve more shopping options. We have the amenities of a community of 30,000 people and the problems of one that is 100,000. We need the Costcos, the Home Depots and the Future Shops of the world to come here, so that residents keep their hard-earned money local and invested in our own community rather than spending it five hours south. We also need a stronger focus on small businesses and helping entrepreneurs get their foot in the door.

We need accessible recreation that’s close to home. This means pushing for the Northside Recreation Centre where more than 60 percent of the population lives. This means more trails, better OHV staging areas, new options like bowling alleys and more outdoor amenities like skate parks and splash parks to keep our youth fit, active and out of trouble.

And finally, we need to listen to residents and incorporate their feedback into future plans. We need to go to where the people are to engage them on basic services and major developments, rather than having them come to us. Folks are busy in this community. We work hard and want to enjoy the little free time we have. So let’s change the way the Municipality engages the public, seeking feedback from everyone from youth to seniors.

I encourage all voters to do their homework before heading to the polls on Monday. As someone who has called Fort McMurray home for 23 years, represents our youthful median age and has experience in the private sector, public sector and industry, I know I can be an effective voice for all people.

On Monday, of course, I want you to say “Ty’s My Guy” and support the new three R’s by voting for me. But even if you don’t want to tick off my name, at the end of the day, please just do your research and vote. These next four years may end up shaping the next 40, so this is a very critical election.

Thanks for an extremely engaging election campaign, Fort McMurray.

Tyran Ault, Ward 1 Council Candidate

Shopping areas a priority for council candidate Tyran Ault

By Vincent McDermott, Fort McMurray Today

Does Fort McMurray’s shopping experience need improvement? Council hopeful Tyran Ault believes so, as he’s making it part of his election platform.

Tuesday afternoon, Ault — who does community relations for Suncor Energy — says he will support initiatives that will bring commercial and retail businesses to Fort McMurray, and campaign for more commercial land zones.

“People are tired of driving five hours for a weekend shopping trip,” said Ault. “For years and years, we were so focused on catching up with the housing market that our retail side seemed to go forgotten about.”

As a result, Ault says small businesses are facing “astronomical” lease and rental rates, and big box stores are wary of opening locations in the region.

With more commercial and retail zoning, there would be a drastic shift in supply and demand in terms of commercial space, which will hopefully lead to lower lease rates and more opportunities for entrepreneurs to enter the market place.

Ault says land north of the Taiga Nova Industrial Park adjacent to Highway 63 would be ideal spaces for large-scale commercial developments, as would areas south of Fort McMurray near the airport, calling the areas “perfect” for allowing the municipality to quickly meet the retail demands of Wood Buffalo.

“Increased commercial and retail opportunities here would also lessen the amount of traffic on Highway 63, as residents would not want to have to travel those five hours for weekend shopping trips any more,” he said.

In addition to dedicated commercial space, Ault is also proposing a support model for local retailers based on the financing strategies of the Wood Buffalo Housing and Development Corporation.

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Two more council candidates announce election platforms

By Vincent McDermott, Fort McMurray Today

Two more candidates for municipal council have released election platforms.

On Tuesday morning, Tyran Ault announced plans to lobby for improved road and transportation solutions. One of the top priorities he plans to lobby the provincial government for is a bypass road.

“There is one road that is long overdue that needs to be built to alleviate many traffic woes – a bypass road,” says Ault, who does community relations for Suncor Energy.

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Candidate Tyran Ault takes his campaign to the streets

From Mix 107.3 FM

A candidate looking to secure his seat in council chambers wants to fix the everyday annoyances that makes drivers tick.

Tyran Ault says it has been an uphill battle with the Municipalities roads for years.

Ault says he’s heard from residents that “the little things” are taking a backseat to the RMWB’s larger scale developments.

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Tyran’s Presentation to Council on the Communication Policy

Last night, during the last Council meeting of this term, the Elected Official – Administration Communication Policy was tabled for approval. It is item #8 on the agenda found here.

When I first read the proposed policy, I immediately had concerns about it. Those concerns are laid out in the presentation I gave to Council during last night’s meeting.

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Tyran Ault releases Citizen Survey results

Council candidate Tyran Ault is pleased to release the results of his inaugural Citizen Survey, which polled residents on essential municipal services and large developments.

The survey was open to members of the public at on this website from June 6 to July 14, with 388 people accessing and completing the survey.

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